Hercules Mission Status 2

Hercules Prototype 3 Outing Report.

Power ON 
Booting Ubuntu 
Start Process 1 
Loading Network 
Checking Sensor State 

User voice Input detected over Bluetooth.

USER : “Hercules Login Federman, Authorization: 1100
HERCULES: Good Evening Dr. Federman.

USER: “Hercules Status”
HERCULES: It is 8:05pm on Wednesday April 29. All systems are 
nominal, I do not recognize this location. There are no obstacles
within 2 meters of my current position, I see one person in 
front of me. Face recognition identifies Federman, Alan N.

USER: “Hercules Say Stored Message One.”
HERCULES: Good evening members and guests of the Homebrew 
Robotics Club, My Name is Hercules, and tonight I will 
demonstrate some of my capabilities including voice control 
and potential use as a elder care or disabled assistance 
telerobotic platform.

USER: “Hercules Move Forward.”
HERCULES: moves forward

USER: “Hercules Move back.”
HERCULES: moves back

USER: “Hercules Set Waypoint 1.”
HERCULES: waypoint 1 set 

USER: “Hercules Partybot Execute.”
HERCULES: begins to move around the room, when it detects a 
person it approaches them and speaks: 

Hello my name is Hercules, do you like to party?

USER: Hercules Halt.
HERCULES: stops at current location.

USER: “Hercules return waypoint 1.”
HERCULES: moves back to waypoint 1 and poses in original 
orientation, Says: 

At Waypoint 1.

USER: “Hercules follow me”
HERCULES: begins to follow the USER, avoiding obstacles and
 maintaining a safe distance.
USER: “Hercules Halt.”
HERCULES: halts.

USER: “Hercules logout.”

HERCULES: I am going to sleep now.