Ubiquity Robotics Roadshow!

Learn how to build your robot project in hours not months with Ubiquity Robotics Magni at one of our roadshow events!


Building robot applications is hard, mainly because you have to spend months and years building something that has payload capability, mobility, navigation and a compute infrastructure and you have to do this before you can even build the cool cocktail waiter application or follow me robot. The hacker dojo gave rise to a group that wanted to solve this problem and they built Magni, a robot based on open source software that has all this working out of the box.

We are going to talk about the Magni platform, how you can use it, how we got started and how we can all make use of Magni to do the cool things that we want to do. We may even touch on our little robot - Loki - as well!

Times and Locations

We will be at:

Seattle: February 18th, at 6pm: Condon Hall (CDH), 1100 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98105

Vancouver: February 19th: 6:30pm: Makerlabs 780 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6A1M3

Portland: February 21st 6:30pm: Axiom Electronics, 19545 NW Von Neumann Dr Beaverton, OR 97006

Come and visit us.

If you are interested in the campaign visit our website at www.ubiquityrobotics.com or visit our prelaunch page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/magni-build-your-robot-app-in-hours-not-months/coming_soon#/

To Win Free Robots go here: https://ubiquityrobotics.com/referral.html

if you have any questions email me at dc@ubiquityrobotics.com or call me on +1 415 309 8966 and remember get your early bird specials when the campaign launches on

Indiegogo March 10th